[ITI Fund’s Recruitment] Investment Intern

ITI FUND (Increase–Together–Innovation) is the startup fund established by the diversified corporation – 4M Group and licensed by the Ministry of Planning and Investment through Decree 38/2018NĐ-CP. ITI Fund is recognized as one of the most active local funds in Vietnam, according to Vietnam Innovation & Tech Investment Report 2023 released by the National Innovation … Read more

Pick up & Drop Off – A breakthrough in Last Mile Delivery

 E-commerce is booming along with the increasing demands of consumers, posing numerous challenges for transport and delivery services to efficiently and conveniently deliver products to customers. In this context, understanding and maximizing the last-mile delivery (LMD) process in Vietnam becomes crucial for businesses.  Last-mile delivery plays a crucial role by providing a unique opportunity to … Read more

EdTech – A Shining Star in the Startup Market

In recent times, the field of educational technology (EdTech) has emerged as a bright star, with a market value surpassing the $300 billion. This has triggered a powerful wave of educational transformation on a global scale. Notably, the United States, China, and India play pivotal roles in this entrepreneurial ecosystem, attracting substantial investment deals.  In … Read more

[ITI Fund’s Recruitment] Partnerships & Communications Intern

ITI Fund

ITI FUND (Increase–Together–Innovation Fund) is a corporate venture capital (CVC) established by 4M Group. All of this is done under the government’s orientation and advocacy and Viet Nam’s entrepreneur community, averaging the value of local specialities globally.  At the core of our organization are people – a dedicated team of advisors, experts, investors, innovators, and … Read more

Startups Eye Prospects in the Digital Health Landscape

ITI Fund - Digital Health

The healthcare landscape is transforming, steering away from conventional paradigms towards a more robust amalgamation of scientific advancements, data utilization, and technological integration within the realm of “digital health.” This sector holds immense promise and potential for startups. Digital Health: Pioneering in Healthcare Forecasts from Statista show that the digital health market’s revenue is poised … Read more

Carbon Credits: The Opportunities on the Pathway to Net Zero

ITI Fund - Carbon credit

Business See an Opportunity in the Carbon Credit  As the world grapples with the devastating effects of climate change, the carbon credit market is a potential game-changer and offers financial rewards. By embracing this potential market, businesses can help combat climate change and drive sustainable growth and innovation.   The Advanced Solutions for Reducing Carbon Emissions  … Read more

ITI Fund Invested $1M in PVA PRO, a Vietnamese Water-Soluble Polymer Solutions Startup

ITI Fund Invested $1M in PVA PRO, a Vietnamese Water-Soluble Polymer Solutions Startup

August 3, 2023 – PVA PRO, a pioneering startup specializing in cutting-edge technology for water-soluble polymer packaging, successfully raised about $1 million by ITI Fund, a Vietnam’s dynamic domestic investment (according to Vietnam Innovation and Technology Investment Report 2023). The investment has provided a significant boost for the startup, driving it closer to its mission of … Read more

Unraveling the Global Sleep Technology Startup Craze in 2023

ITI Fund - Sleep tech - Mat ngu

According to Wakefield Research, about 37% of young people in Vietnam suffer from insomnia and 73% experience stress due to sleep disorders. The figures also show that up to 79% of participants do not have time to rest daily, and each office worker spends an average of 10 days a year catching up on sleep. … Read more

Top 10 Prestigious Startup Competitions in 2023

ITI Fund - Tong hop cuoc thi khoi nghiep - Startup Wheel - Benkon

Vietnam’s startup ecosystem has been witnessing continuous development in recent years, with a series of practical ideas and projects being born. Among them, professional competitions are always an exciting and attractive destination for passionate startups who desire to receive direct and indirect value through awards. Let’s look at some of the prominent startup competitions in … Read more

AI-powered Newsrooms, the Future of Journalism and Communication   

ITI Fund - AI và Truyền thông

Media and press organizations face challenges accelerating content production’s speed and quality. Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) a breakthrough solution that brings organisations step by step closer to the goal of technologising the content production process?  Contradictions about AI: Great Solution or Potential Threat?  Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic for businesses. Here are some … Read more